Monday, October 19, 2009

My Son's Very First Trip

Today I was panicking a bit when I realized that it's past 4pm and my son wasn't able to get home yet after his class. He should be home by 3:45PM since classes end @ 3:30 assuming 15mins of time spent on a little chitchat after class and traveling back home. He's supposed to go home with his older cousin but apparently isn't home too.

I called my sister the mother of his cousin asking if she has any knowledge about the whereabouts of the 2 kids. She said that she failed to inform me that her son asked her permission earlier that he'll be with his classmate and they'll be proceeding on the mall right after classes end. I felt so nervous and thoughts keep running on my mind on the possibilities that either my son has joined his cousin or might still be in school waiting for his cousin. I called my friend who works just outside the school's building if she happened to see my son but she told me she didn't the little bit of panic is now going stronger.

Just right after my conversation on the phone with my friend the gate squeaks and I saw my son coming in. I was so happy seeing him coming in and have welcomed him home the way I never did before. He told me that after getting bored waiting for his cousin at school for a long time he then decided to go home alone. I kept on asking him whether he felt scared and how he got home but he just smiled and told me he's big enough to go home alone. I am so proud of my son's achievement but i still feel he must not be allowed to travel alone. I decided to buy him a cellphone so I can contact him anytime he comes home late.

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