Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tin (10th) Wedding Anniversary!

Yes, I'm just 29 years old and my huby is 31 years old but we're having our 10th wedding anniversary this 30th of October! Are we too young to celebrate such anniversary? We married young so obviously we've been through a lot of tough and more tougher times aghhh! We've been blessed with two wonderful kids Yuri (8 yrs old) and Aliyah (3 yrs old). We separated twice for more than three months each but still we're back in each others arms, as they saying goes " LOVE is sweeter the second (or third? LOL) time around". I can say that although we marry at a very young age we are still financially and emotionally okay.

Our anniversary is coming up and of course we have plans about it. I'm thinking of going on a trip all four of us but my MOM said we have to stay at home and celebrate with them...oh I don't know what to do now. Just the other night I was having trouble with my computer and I'm blaming my husband for it. Why? Because I've been telling him that we should buy a new one but he kept on telling me to wait! Computer is very important for me since I work online, without a computer I have no income. So he gave me two choices, either he'll buy me a new computer or spend the money to celebrate our wedding. What ever should i do now?

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Son's Very First Trip

Today I was panicking a bit when I realized that it's past 4pm and my son wasn't able to get home yet after his class. He should be home by 3:45PM since classes end @ 3:30 assuming 15mins of time spent on a little chitchat after class and traveling back home. He's supposed to go home with his older cousin but apparently isn't home too.

I called my sister the mother of his cousin asking if she has any knowledge about the whereabouts of the 2 kids. She said that she failed to inform me that her son asked her permission earlier that he'll be with his classmate and they'll be proceeding on the mall right after classes end. I felt so nervous and thoughts keep running on my mind on the possibilities that either my son has joined his cousin or might still be in school waiting for his cousin. I called my friend who works just outside the school's building if she happened to see my son but she told me she didn't the little bit of panic is now going stronger.

Just right after my conversation on the phone with my friend the gate squeaks and I saw my son coming in. I was so happy seeing him coming in and have welcomed him home the way I never did before. He told me that after getting bored waiting for his cousin at school for a long time he then decided to go home alone. I kept on asking him whether he felt scared and how he got home but he just smiled and told me he's big enough to go home alone. I am so proud of my son's achievement but i still feel he must not be allowed to travel alone. I decided to buy him a cellphone so I can contact him anytime he comes home late.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Thank God I Found "oDesk"

Early last year I was in great trouble, so desperate to get a decent job to support my family. Working in a call center was one of the many options I have in mind. The wage is pretty good compared to other jobs. Together with my friends, we walked in and submit our resumes to various Call Centers until we heard about this Canadian Company currently looking for applicants to fill in vacant positions.

I was lucky enough to pass the interview and undergo several weeks of thorough training. During the training, we did a lot of online research, data entry, telemarketing and other administrative task. I kinda like it there, so challenging for me to speak English most of the time. I excelled and stayed at the top among my colleagues, my manager and the Canadian owner was impressed with my work.

I have this feeling of pursuing the job but still I'm hoping to find another opportunity of working at home over the internet. I saw this website “” and was a little hesitant thinking that there's a lot of scams popping out in the internet but I gambled and took the chance. It was Sunday; I made my profile, took some tests and applied for a job. The following day I got an email for my very first job interview and wow it was faster than I thought.

I feel so blessed that I got my very first job after that interview. The buyer said that he liked me most among other hundreds of applicants because I'm a "God Fearing Person" which I wrote in my resume. He is a Christian like me and that moment I realized that God really was the way, He helped me. I did my best shot on that very first assignment and right after the assignment ended, 3 large projects was given to me.

I didn’t have any second thoughts of leaving the Canadian company though I am very thankful to them. It was my experience with them that gave me the will and confidence to work as a freelancer. I doubted oDesk first due to the delay of my debit card (where I get my salary) and did some research about the website. I talk to some old providers and they assured me that I'll get paid. The moment I got my debit card...ahhh such a big sigh of relief =).

After working for more than a year now as a Virtual Assistant in oDesk, I got the greatest and coolest news I never thought of. Friday, 2nd day of October 2009, I received an email from oDesk that among 250,000 plus providers all over the world , I am one of the TOP 25 VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS for the month of September! Awesome Feeling isn't it? That is where I got my badge “oDesk Top Virtual Assistant”.

With oDesk, I got the chance to work comfortably at home with my kids just around me, having more than enough resources to feed my family and the chance to have a little luxury in life. I believe that GOD heard my prayers of having a job without me going out of the country leaving my family again to look for greener pasture. oDesk dramatically changed my life. Now my sister and some of my friends whom I shared my success has their own piece of story to tell about oDesk too, for they are as well working in oDesk.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Philippines Amidst Calamity

Hey guys, we all know our country Philippines was so much devastated by Bagyong Ondoy (Tropical Storm Ketsana) which took place last Saturday, September 26, 2009. The storm which all people thought as just another ordinary one turned out to be massive and deadly. Clearly most of the victims were unprepared for its coming. Water level reached up to two storeys high.
I was so blessed to live in a place where we don't experience the same calamities that other places in the Philippines does. As of the latest toll there were 240 people who died, many more were still missing while nearly 380,000 people have sought shelter in relief centers. Watching the news on the television broke my heart knowing that so many children in their young lives have unfortunately gone through this kind of horror.

Amidst this catastrophe, we as Filipinos proved that we really have the heart to give and offer help to our Kababayans in any we can. It’s just so sad to know that private sectors seem to be more responsive in giving the victims relief assistance than our government itself. There are some people who even took advantage of this despicable situation. Bagyong Ondoy showed us that a calamity doesn’t choose to affect common people only but even the affluent ones.
God bless those people who have done heroic acts to save lives of other people despite the danger they were facing and knowing the possibilities that doing such thing may also cause their end. Those people who died during rescue operations must be given honor for their bravery. In times like this, true friends are there to help us.

What could have been done to eliminate so much damage on the affected Greater Manila areas? Is this a sign of "Global Warming"? Another Storm (Tropical Storm Parma) was said to hit the Philippines about 800 miles (1,280 kilometers) southeast of the Philippines late Tuesday. Let be Bagyong Ondoy be a thing of the past and let it not happen again. Let's all pray for the safety of our family, our friends and all our people.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hannah Montana Fanatic

It's kind of embarrassing to admit that at my age, I'm so hooked with "Hannah Montana" LOL. It started with just a glance of some episodes while my kids are watching it on Disney Channel. I haven't really focused before not until I manage to watch a full episode. It’s really funny plus the fact that at the end of every episode there’s a lesson to be learned.

The series focuses on a girl who lives a double life as an average teenage school girl named Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus) by day and a famous pop singer named Hannah Montana by night, concealing her real identity from the public, other than her close friends and family.

I’ve seen most of the episodes from Seasons 1-3. My children specially my 9 year old son almost memorize the scripts of every character in the TV series and my 3 year old daughter is starting to memorize it too. I bought a DVD of Hannah Montana which is played everyday over and over again.

At first, I was only following the series, but now, I’m also following even the updates of their real lives specially Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment. I have learned that Miley and Nick of Jonas Bros where once lovers but broke up on 2007 December, Miley got a new boyfriend Justin Gaston who appeared on Taylor Swifts Music video of “Love Story”. Miley and Gaston Broke up after Nick and Miley’s reconnection that took place during the Kids Inauguration this 2009 and was humored to be back on each other’s arms when spotted jet skiing in Tybee Island, GA where Miley was shooting her latest movie.

See, I’m really into them hahaha…..I’m even following them on twitter LOL. Recently, I’ve been busy and got no time to read but hopefully I’ll be able to make it up on new gossips about them hahaha.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kidney For A Living

Late last night while working on my assignment, I watched National Geographic Channel. The show was all about taboo and Philippines was one of the featured countries with such belief. Actually what was featured for me is not some kind of a taboo. It's more of survival. People tend to do anything to survive from poverty, from problems.

There's a place in the Philippines where most of the people sell their Kidneys to black market for them to earn money. Yeah that's true, I couldn't believe they actually did it. For sure, those people are helpless and could not find other ways to earn money. Some of them actually do have jobs but their wage is not enough to support their family.

Picture from CBSNews

Doctors said that taking the other kidney may cause some long term effects which are not beneficial for human. The operation itself is a painful one. It takes time to heal the wounds. After the operation most of them can't go back to their old jobs especially when it includes physical strength such as lifting heavy objects, so they need to find another job that is much lighter and easier to do. Selling their Kidney is just a temporary financial relief.

It was even mentioned that this act was even legalized by the government before and I thought that was so ridiculous. Currently the government banned the selling of kidneys after seeing the negative effects. The government must take care of this; they should create more bills that people would benefit in a long term. Instead of corrupting people’s money, they should rather give it to the poor. Anyway when we die we can't bring our money with us.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

At Last- I did it!

I'm already drained after writing my very fist post "Reminiscing Nihon". That was just the first part and was thinking of sharing my second visit but I'll do it soon if I have much bigger time. I was just lucky to have a break from work with "Mr. Doug" today. He sent me an email and read it earlier that we'll have 2 days off. He's transferring to Tennessee from Florida. At least I'll have enough time to do my other assignments. Tomorrow's Saturday and I only have few more hours left to finish my weekly limit. Well I'm done here now I need to do my chores.

Reminiscing Nihon (Nagashima Spaland, Japan)

I remember the first time I went to Japan. It was like 5 years ago. I was amazed of how clean the streets are, no traffic, and shopping malls without security guards checking your bags all the time at the entrance. The sun sets at 7P.M and you can hear birds chirping outside your window. Leaving my Family back home in the Philippines was the saddest part of my life. You wanna go home but it's not like an hour drive and you're home again.

School kids walk their way to school in line with a leader and they are all wearing a yellow cap, this will make it easier for drivers passing by to see them. High school girls wear very short skirts just like Sailormoon, they look very cute in their school uniforms. They are allowed to ride bikes since bikes have a different lane intended for them so it's not dangerous at all. I even use a bike to wander around the city.

During Sundays when my brother-in-law is off from work and kids were off from school, we spend the day traveling to wonderful places and enjoying the whole day not forgetting to eat Yakiniku. I won't forget going to Nagashima Spa Land on winter time and had my first snow experience. The resort has all the jaw breaking rides not to mention the longest roller coster in Japan. I don't know if it still holds the record at this time.

Part of the resort is an Onsen where all of us were bathing nude. Kinda embarrassing for me since it was my first time. Of course men and women are separated. The whole resort is a wonderland. I just hope that we didn't go there on winter coz I'll die of hypothermia. We also visited other interesting places. I learned how to use chopsticks and speak Japanese language in a very short period I stayed in Japan. The one thing I refused to do was to eat sashimi, I tasted once but never really like it. Commodities in Japan seems to be very affordable as long as you have a job, you'll never die hungry. People of Japan are lucky enough to have a very nice country.


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