Tuesday, November 2, 2010

>I Need A New Mobile Phone!

As a girl mobile phone is one of my weaknesses. I love to be on top of the latest trends in mobile gadgets. Well it's been a year since I bought my current cell phone the Softbank 920SC. I fell in love with this cell phone the first time I saw it on Softbank's website. I like the style, color, features plus the 5mega pixel camera. This phone is available only in Japan and I have to ask my cousin in JP to buy it for me. Last week I was strolling on the mall with my beloved hubby just looking around until we found ourselves inside this store (forgot the name) and saw the Samsung Jet and Samsung Star WiFi mobile phones.
What I love most with these phones is the wifi connectivity which for me is very essential especially with my type of work where I need to check my emails every now and then. Samsung Star is a lot cheaper than Samsung Jet so I thought I should pick it. My hubby as well needed a new phone and was thinking of buying the Samsung Jet for him since its also favorable for him. They have wifi connectivity in their office allowing him to use his mobile phone and surf the internet. For me, we also have wifi at home therefore I can surf the web with my phone anywhere inside and outside my home as long as it's within the range.

I am contented with Samsung Star but there's this another phone which I am thinking about too, the Nokia ExpressMusic but since my sis-in-law owns one already maybe I have to forget about it. I'm dying to buy the phone already but I can't get any money from my savings, actually I call it "conjugal savings; since me and my husband have been putting money on the same account" my husband wont allow me too. I've been working hard these past few days so I can save money enough to buy the new phone. I'm planning to buy end of this month on our 10th Wedding Anniversary. I'll consider it a gift to myself..LOL

Phone Specs:
Samsung S5233W Star WiFi
- GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
- TFT resistive touchscreen, 256K colors
- 240 x 400 pixels, 3.0 inches
- Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
- 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels
- SMS, MMS, Email
- MP3/WMA/AAC player
- microSD (TransFlash), up to 16GB (verified),
- 50mb Internal Memoy
Samsung S8000 Jet
- GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
- AMOLED resistive touchscreen, 16M colors
- 480 x 800 pixels, 3.1 inches
- TouchWiz v2.0 UI
- Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
- 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
- SMS, MMS, Email, IM, Push Email
- microSD (TransFlash), up to 16GB
- 2GB / 8GB Internal Memory
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
- GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
- TFT resistive touchscreen, 16M colors
- 360 x 640 pixels, 3.2 inches
- Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology
- 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, LED flash
- WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, RSS feeds
- SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
- microSD (TransFlash), up to 16GB, 8GB included
- 81 MB storage, 128 MB RAM

Sunday, October 31, 2010

All The Things I HATE About You

-I hate the way you ignore me & chose your most cherished friends over me
-I hate it when u don't text|call me when you're there and I'm wondering what you're up to
-I hate it when you're always not available for family trips and parties
-I hate when you lie that you're not out to party but a friend slips her tongue
-I hate it even when you're at home your attention is always on your phone
-I hate it when I invite you to go out with me and you turned me down & then one day I'll see your pix enjoying with friends (videokeing, partying, drinking etc...)
-I hate to know that you delivered flowers for someone else but never in my entire life that you've given me once
-I hate it when you come home from work and I seem invisible
-I hate it when I read your inbox and forwarded messages from girls flooded it
-I hate it when you managed to return other's text past midnight but ended our phone conversation at nine saying you're too tired already
-I hate when you think that you're always right and I'm always wrong
-I hate to cry at night knowing you're happy 30 miles away from me
-I hate to think that you're out there to work & I'm here alone with kids
-I hate it that our kids grow up without you most of the time
-I hate it when I call you for dinner but you're too busy watching you're favorite TV show; don't you know that I wanted to have dinner with you together with the kids even on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays only.
-I hate it when I'm telling stories and you're not listening at all
-I hate it when we sleep at night and you turn your back on me
-I hate it when you're too concerned for others but you don't even care about me
-I hate it when I'm sick and text you to come home but you just couldn't, I hate remembering those times I'm pregnant that you came home very early in the following morning (5Am) drunk

-I hate it when you compliment others but never heard you complemented me
-I hate to compare you with others but I just can't help it
-I hate all these things you did to me yet I still can't hate you.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back Again

It's been months that I haven't written any posts. I'm quite busy with my online job, I'm working like 50-60 hours a week. What are some of the updates about me? Well, my 4 years old daughter Aliyah Cassandra had her summer dance workshop, ballet, it's not her first time though. She started when she's 3 and I have few problems with her that time. She always cried and wanted me near her all the time. Any way I'll post some pix about that summer workshop.

Last June, she had her first school day!! Hooray!! Thanks to her ballet lessons she didn't shed a tear on her first day of class. Yesterday I found out that she make it to top 15 in her class and I was so happy, there where like 50 kindergarten pupils and so I'm so proud of her.

Enough about my little girl, another update was about my brother-in-law who died last July. My sister was so devastated, they have 3 kids and I know how hard it is for her to be a single mom now. A lot of things happen, good and bad but nothing worst thank GOD!

I'll be back with more of personal things that happen to me, I'll keep it short this time.

Congratulations Baby Girl! Make Your Mama Proud

Yesterday I got the news I was really hoping for, it's my baby girl's academic achievement. Even though I don't pressure her that much about being on the top list in her class, still I did expect that she'll get a spot. Yes she did!!! And to reward her achievement we celebrated it with a dinner outside early this evening.

We went to this grill that I'm having my eyes on for months already it's called Roadside Cafe & Grill. I really wanted to bring my family there and it did happen this evening! We're all full as the food were great. I forgot about my aching tooth for a while, I did enjoy the food and my kids too!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Long Distance Love Affair; Does It Really Work?

Have you ever been to a relationship where you and the person you dearly love are worlds apart? Have met someone online; fell in love and hoping someday he/she will come to marry you? Do you feel you can always trust your partner that he/she will remain faithful and honest to you?

With today's latest technology; web cams are now available allowing us to see and talk to our love ones even though they're thousands miles away from us. This can help us connect with them and maybe hold on to the relationship, but what about off cam? I'm pretty sure they will hang out with friends and could possibly meet other individuals during a party. Lucky you if your partner truly is in love with you and flirting with others is not one of his/her vices.

Most of the people I knew who succumb into this kind of relationship ended up nothing but heart broken. Only few of my friends lived happily ever after. They are those people lucky enough who's partner really hang on and remain faithful to their love till they meet again and ended up saying "I DO ". When you are involved in this kind of relationship, don't put all your hopes and dreams to the other person so much. Think of the possibilities that he/she may find someone new. He/she in the longer run may change his/her feelings for you. Though you will remain faithful and honest, willing to wait; the other person might not be feeling the same thing about you.

My Fave Miley Song

I'm Just A Girl 
by Miley Cyrus

I've been waitin' for this moment
For you to see
The real me
It's been an illusion
I never meant to fool you
I got caught up in a fantasy

I'm just a girl
With a dream that got the best of me
In a world, that believes fame is everything
Got outta touch
With the ones who gave me my wings to fly, to fly

People say, that the world is like a stage
Their so confused, the rules I play
I been away from home for so long
That I, I almost forgot where I belong

It's so easy to forget what really matters in this life
It's so hard to live with regrets but a promise I will try
To be a better me
From now on
I'm sorry
I didn't mean to do you wrong

You gave me my wings so I can fly, I can fly
Yeah, Yeah
I'm just a girl


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