Sunday, March 27, 2011

♥Party With Cousins♥

Two of my cousins just passed the licensure exam for nurses so we planned a celebration at Starr Club & Bar. Autoshop Compound Davao City. Of course I was so excited to meet my cousins and since we came like 30 kms away from the city, me, my sister and hubi arrived at the club 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. So we entered the club. I was a little bit worried about what I read on the entrance: DRESS TO IMPRESS; lol!

I wasn't really prepared for the night out so I tried to capture the guards attention by parking our innova suv right infront of the club. After paying 150Php each, we entered the club and ordered some drinks and waited for my cousins. It's almost 10pm when my cousins and older sister arrived that we started hanging out and partying. At first I felt bored but then when the Dj played loud music and people started dancing it was then I really started to enjoy the night.

We met a group of young party peeps who celebrated for passing the same board exam too! And they were really cool and friendly. They danced and jammed with my cousins and my sister, she's gone wild lol. I can understand her anyway. We  left the club at almost 3am tired and exhausted yet so happy with the outcome. To sum it up I enjoyed the party as well as my hubi.

So here's some pix during the night out! 

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