Saturday, April 2, 2011

♥I Love the Wedge ♥

So yesterday was my birthday and my husband bought me a present, it's a wedge sandal from Mendrez! LOl as if I wasn't with him when he bought it, and to be exact, I'm the one who chose it as his gift for me LOL. Before my birthday I saw this wedge from a seller in Facebook. I so love it and was hoping to buy it as soon as possible. Since my birthday is in 3 days time, I decided not to spend my money on it. I thought I'll just ask my huby to buy it for me as a gift.

Please don't mind the background I know it's a mess!

So here comes my birthday, we went to Crocodile Park to spend some quality time with the kids, then headed to Gaisano Mall to shop for my birthday present :) . I saw this wedge at Mendrez and it looks the same with the one I saw in Facebook. Without any doubt, I picked the sandal and went to my husband. He first disagree but then at the end I still won after tight deliberation and lot's of explanation. So here's a picture of me with the sandal.

 Here's a closer look :)

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