Sunday, April 29, 2012

Problems with Bad Breath

What causes bad breath and what can we do to prevent bad breath. Bad breath has been a problem of many both teenagers and adults. We need good oral hygiene as we are not baby's anymore who have angels breath, it's as important as our looks does. Halitosis known as bad breath can affect anyone at any given time. It is such a very embarrassing problem for most people who posses it. Commonly bad breath can be prevented and treated easily, however there are some medical conditions that may also cause bad breath such as Chronic halitosis that may indicate an underlying medical concern that should be addressed by your dentist or medical doctor.

The Food We Eat and Digestion may also be a cause for bad breath as it can adversely affect our breath. Odors from certain spices,onions,garlic, and cabbage may result in halitosis when the suspected food is absorbed into the blood stream after digestion. When the blood has transferred to the lungs, the smell from the food is evident when you exhale. Since digestion comes next to eating, it can be another cause of bad breath. Gasses that are produced during the digestive process may escape through our mouth, giving off the odor it produces. Poor digestion resulting in constipation and bowel disorders can likely contribute to bad breath, resulting from the gasses that are produced during this process.

Another possible cause of bad breath is Dry Mouth or Xerostomia. Xerostomia is a condition that causes a decrease in the production of saliva, resulting in a dry mouth. There are several factors that may cause xerostomia, some of which may need to be treated by your doctor. Saliva is essential in providing lubrication to the mouth to allow for proper chewing and swallowing. It naturally cleanses the mouth and helps to prevent cavities. Having dry mouth causes bad breath since the food particles remain trapped in the mouth to rot and cause the unpleasant smell when you exhale.

Another well known contributor for bad breath is Cigarette Smoking. Smoking is also a major cause of periodontal disease. The smoke produced from a cigarette is inhaled into the lungs, and then exhaled through the nose and mouth. This causes an immediate effect on your breath. The chemicals and residue from the smoke remains in your mouth and airways. Continued use of cigarettes contribute to gum disease, which is a major cause of bad breath.

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