Sunday, April 29, 2012

Toothache Home Remedies

Ouch my tooth aches and it feels like hell! What are the remedies available at home for tooth ache? Toothaches may be caused by a variety of problems such as dental cavities, exposed tooth rot, a cracked tooth, gum diseases, and so on. Pain from a toothache can vary from mild to severe and from sharp and sporadic pain to dull and persistent.

Mine is a cracked tooth and it feels sharp and it's affecting my right ear. Most of the times I drink pain relievers such as mefenamic and naproxen to ease the pain. Next week , I'll be seeing my dentist to have it check and have it removed if necessary.

While drinking medicines over the counter you may also want to try these toothache home remedies I found over the internet : Toothache Remedies & Relief

1. Cloves in Toothache: Chew cloves or rub clove oil on the tooth. Chew a clove slowly with the aching tooth to release its juice and leave there for half an hour. Repeat 2-3 times. When applying clove oil you should be careful because too much of it can damage your teeth. Your pharmacist can give you a safe clove oil for your teeth.

2. Salt water gargle recipe for sore tooth: Mix 1 tablespoon of common salt with 1 cup of warm water. Take a mouthful of this water and move it around the aching tooth. Salt is an excellent astringent. so salt water disinfects the tooth. You can do gargle with this water to act as a salt water sore throat remedy. It is a good idea to do salt-water gargle in the morning and evening to prevent sore tooth and throat.

3. Garlic in Toothache: Peel and crush a clove of fresh garlic and mix it with peanut butter. Apply it to the aching tooth and keep it there for 5 minutes.
You can also use the garlic oil. Crush a clove of a garlic and wrap with a small piece of gauze and press hard until garlic releases its oil. Place the gauze on the tooth that is hurting for five minutes. Any longer and the garlic will burn the skin on inside of your mouth. Repeat 3-4 times with a gap of an hour.

4. Ice in Toothpain: It is best to numb the nerves in your tooth by using ice or ice pack to stop the pain. Just wrap 4-5 ice cubes in a towel (or take a ice pack) and place it on your face over the side of paining tooth.

5. Add some lime juice to asafetida (hing) spice powder. Soak a piece of cotton and hold it on the tooth and gum.

6. Burn some turmeric (haldi) spice sticks, make a fine powder and use as toothpowder.

7. Chew a ginger piece slowly with the aching tooth/teeth to release its juice and leave there for half an hour. Repeat 2-3 times.

8. Take a papaya leaf stick, scrape the bark, then sqeeze the juice out into the paining tooth. Repeat 2-3 times. After some time, the pain should disappear.

9. Drink the juice of 2-3 star fruit twice a day to get relief from the tooth pain.

10. Boil 5 gram of peppermint and a pinch of salt in 1 cup of water. Drink it to relieve toothache and other pains. You can use peppermint mouthwash.

11. Pour a few drops of Vanilla extract on the paining tooth.

12. Pour a few drops oil of oregano on the paining tooth or gum.

13. Gargle with a mouthwash.

14. Soak a cotton ball with 100 proof whiskey and place it on the tooth that is paining. Leave it there until all the whiskey comes out.

15. To use this treatment, take one real Crush one aspirin tablet and put the powder directly on the affected tooth for half an hour.

You can choose either ways but make sure to see your dentist.


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